Fourth Torino R net meeting details

Fourth Torino R net meeting on 29 Nov 2012, Facoltà di Economia, Università degli Studi di Torino, will have four presentations:

  • R based web applications with easyR, Luigi Roggia, GMSL S.r.l.;
  • “soilpRofile”: an ad hoc  R package to consistently represent soil properties, Gianluca Filippa, Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente Valle d’Aosta;
  • Risk Control with R: Enterprise Application and Modeling for a Retail Energy Player, Francesca Turrini, i4C S.r.l.;
  • Temporal and spatial statistical methods to remove external effects on groundwater levels with R, Daniele Imparato, Università dell’Insubria.
If you would like to attend to the meeting, we would ask to register.
Meeting will take place after the tutorial Connecting R with … (register).

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